Terrell County Board of Commissioners
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955 Forrester Drive, SE, Dawson, GA  39842      Call us: 229-995-4476
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Join Our Team at Terrell County Board of Commissioners
Are you looking for an exciting career in business? At Terrell County Board of Commissioners, one person can make a big impact. We take the smartest and most passionate team-oriented people we can find and put them in an environment where they can thrive. We value customer service, teamwork, and fun.

Thanks for your interest in joining our team.

To inquire about openings: go online to www.employgeorgia.com
Or contact the division you are interested in for information on vacancies within their departments.
Clerk of Superior Court
Janice S. Bryant
P. O. Box 189
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-2631
Sheriff's Department
John Bowens, Sheriff
P. O. Box 463
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-4488
Magistrate Court
Linda Freeman, Judge
P. O. Box 793
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-3757
Probate Court
Carol Speir, Judge
P. O. Box 67
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5515
Tax Commissioner
Mary Ellen Hunter
P. O. Box 484
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5151
Tax Maintenance and Assessors
Darlene Paul, Chief Appraiser
P. O. Box 382
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5210
Correctional Institute
Billy McClung, Warden
3110 Albany Highway
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5381
Extension Service 4-H
Seth McAllister, County Agent
P. O. Box 271
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-2165
Zoning and Code Enforcement
Martha Ann Coe
P. O. Box 792
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-4410
Animal Control
Martha Ann Coe
P. O. Box 792
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-4410
Ambulance Service - E911
James (Bo) Hamby, Director
638 Forrester Drive, SE
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-4008
Elections and Voter Registration
Carolyn Williams, Elections Supervisor
P. O. Box 525
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5066
Terrell County Board of Commissioners
Charlene Farmer Interim County Clerk
Sandra O'Stean  Administrative Assistant to the Commissioners
P. O. Box 525
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-4077
Fire Department
Edward Harvey, Chief
3110 Albany Highway
Dawson, GA  39842
(229) 995-5404

​Apply at GA Dept of Labor Office or online at:

Terrell County EMS
reference Job # ID1479613006

Job #ID1479613006

​Correction Officer
Job # ID1406999127

Detention Officer
Job # ID1475542519

​Deputy Sheriff
Full Time
Job #GA 1628072624

May send resume to: Terrell County Commissioners,
                                   P O Box 525
                                   Dawson, GA 39842
Terrell County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Terrell County Correctional Institute is seeking
Correctional Officers to supervise all male state
inmates.  A High School Diploma or equivalent,
valid Georgia driver's license is required.Must be able to pass basic certified officer training, must
be able to work shifts and overtime, and must be
able to supervise inmate work details.  Full time
position with a starting salary $7.75/hour with an
increase to $8.02 after successful completion of
probation.  Benefits include Employer paid Health, Dental, and Life Insurance for employee.  Retirement and paid leave.  Apply at any GA Dept of Labor Office or online at www,employgeorgia.com  
Reference job   #ID 1000324876 

Terrell County is an equal opportunity employer.

The Terrell County Correctional institute is
 seeking full time warden.
:Must be 18 years old or older and possess a
valid high school diploma or GED equivalent
and four years of supervisory custodial experience
in a criminal justice or correctional system, two
years of which experience at a level equivalent
to a Chief of Security or three years' experience 
at a level equivalent to a correctional Lieutenant
involving management of staff, subordinate
supervisors, or managers or four years of
professional experience in a criminal justice,
correctional, healthcare, social services program/
system in counseling, or institutional administra-
tion (e.g. accounting, personnel, procurement,
budget management, etc.).  Valid Georgia
driver's license and a willingness to travel and to
transport inmates as needed.  Must be POST
certified.  Employee must pass pre-employment physical, drug test, and background check.  
Employee must be approved by the Board of
Corrections.  Must be able to work varied hours. 
Full time position with starting salary $48,916.21 annually including benefit package.
Send resume and cover letter to: Terrell County
Board of Commissioners, ATTN: Charlene Farmer
P. O. Box 525, Dawson, GA 39842 or fax to:
229 995-4320.  Position closes September 27, 2018