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955 Forrester Drive, SE, Dawson, GA  39842      Call us: 229-995-4476
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About Services of the Terrell County Board of Commissioners 
Terrell County Board of Commissioners provides curbside garbage collection to residences, churches, and business in the areas of Terrell County (outside city and town limits). The fee for garbage collection is $180.00 per year, per residence, church, or business.  To set up  curbside garbage collection, to request more than one container, ask questions or make payments, contact: 

 Sandra O'Stean
 Terrell County Board of Commissioners
 955 Forrester Drive, Dawson, GA
 (229) 995-4476

For customer service issues such as missed pick up or damaged container, contact:

Advanced Disposal, Lisa or Christie at  tel # 229 432-0760

This service is for household garbage ONLY.  For information on how to dispose of other solid waste, contact:

Transwaste Services Transfer Station 
Albany Highway
Dawson, GA 
(229) 995-5165